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The Funds for Living Program

Use your LIFE INSURANCE policy to access funds.

How The Funds For Living Program Works:

NO restrictions on how you use the money

NO more premium payments

NO monthly payments due

NO out of pocket costs

NO credit checks

NO other collateral required

ALL remaining proceeds are paid to your beneficiaries

Speak to a program coordinator by submitting the form,
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Qualifying for Financial Assistance:

To qualify for the Funds for Living program, you must meet these requirements:

1You have a diagnosis of an advanced stage illness such as: Stage III or IV cancers, kidney/renal disease, ALS, COPD, heart disease, Alzheimer’s/dementia, etc.

2You own a life insurance policy of at least $75,000 issued in the United States - almost all policy types are eligible

3You are a Unites States citizen or permanent resident

To date, we've provided more than $200 million in financial assistance to qualifying individuals. If you or a loved one meet these criteria and are interested in learning more about your options for financing care costs and more, please reach out.

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