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With the support of Fifth Season’s innovative Funds for Living program, our clients got the financial support they needed to live comfortably.

My husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and  it  devastated our family physical, emotionally, mentally and financially.

My husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and  it  devastated our family physical, emotionally, mentally and financially. I reached out to Eric from Fifth Season, and  just from the very first phone call with him, I felt like he truly cared and wanted to do everything possible to help us. Honestly, he and the compassionate team at Fifth Season became like Family to me. Eric walked me through every single step,  answered all of my questions and concerns  with care, always followed up, and walked me through what he felt was best for my family. He truly cared, and I trusted him.

With the funds for living money I received, I was able to pay off $50, 000 worth of debt. That relieved a huge amount of stress for me, and placed us in a much better place financially.

I am forever grateful to Eric and the entire Team at Fifth Season."

Amy in Virginia

5th Season Financial made the most difficult event in my life more bearable, much more bearable.When my beloved wife of 20 years was diagnosed with Triple Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer the course of the disease was aggressive and fast. We needed more than health insurance and hospice could offer. We needed home health aides and I needed to be able to stay home from my busy practice to be with her more. Borrowing the funds against her life insurance policy allowed us to ease her into a peaceful transition from this world while staving off a second disaster of the financial type. It also helped Jamey leave me with funds to restart my life, which is something she wanted so much.

Eric and the team at 5th Season were ethical and efficient. They were always respectful and never used any high pressure sales or enticements. They simply gave us the information and waited for us to make a decision.”

William in Texas

I was very satisfied with the life insurance loan process.Eric Smith and I worked well together. With this loan advance from Fifth Season Financial, I will be using the money to pay off outstanding debt I have incurred due to losing my income due to cancer. I was very pleased with the whole process of working with Fifth Season Financial.”

Mitchell in Ohio

I am satisfied with Fifth Season Financial.The money I received is very much needed and will be put to good use. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone suffering financial hardship due to their illness. I will be paying off debts and possibly taking a trip with my 21 year-old daughter. This has been a trying time for both us. Both Eric and Giovanni were very helpful and kind. I appreciate the help they gave.”

Debbie in New York

I am extremely satisfied with Fifth Season Financial and would recommend them without hesitation.The loan advance on my life insurance policy will allow me and my family to fix much needed septic repairs on our home, pay medical bills and the IRS, and install a gas log insert in the fireplace for efficiency. While dealing with Fifth Season Financial, I was kept well informed throughout the loan advance process. I never lost confidence in Fifth Season. It was a last hope miracle for us.”

Susan in Michigan

Cancer… Bills… Prescriptions… Every night as my head hit the pillow my mind raced with stress and fear.My tears spilled out when my husband fell asleep. I prayed for help. I wanted to share whatever time I had left creating memories with my husband and little girl. I wanted to live my life. Stress was overshadowing my ability to fight the cancer. I called my life insurance agent to take a loan on my policy, but the amount wasn’t worth the paperwork. He suggested Fifth Season to me and explained the concept of using my life insurance while I was still alive… I called immediately and was treated with compassion and respect. We made a family decision to use my life insurance to live in the present and enjoy our lives while I fight the tough cancer battle. It is the best decision we have ever made… I’m still creating memories which my husband and little girl will never forget!”

Scarlett in New Jersey

Fifth Season Financial helped me to live a better life while battling advanced inflammatory breast cancer.The company gave me the financial freedom to focus on the constant treatments and enabled my family to keep their home! My husband and three daughters and I thank you ever so much! I continue my fight and thank God for your company that helped us through. I am blessed.”

Kristane in Indiana

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, metastatic to the liver, stage IV. We began to experience some financial hardship and I found out about Fifth Season on the internet and applied for the loan, was approved promptly. I would recommend this program as well as this company to any other cancer patient that is experiencing financial hardship. Once we were approved for the loan, our financial burdens were lifted and it’s an excellent company. Fifth Season gave me financial peace of mind, and allowed me to focus my energy on my condition, and my family’s well-being…thank you.”

Stephanie in Virginia

I received a loan on my insurance policy. Eric was so helpful. After all required information to obtain the loan was supplied, it was just a short time before we received the money.The process was very easy and Fifth Seasons always informed us every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone. After everything was completed, Eric would contact me to see if everything was okay. When my husband passed, I called and sent the required documents. They did the rest. I felt that they were so helpful. Fifth seasons is very reliable.”

Toni in Nevada

My daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to have surgery just over a year ago.I was seeking financial help for my daughter so she could receive the medical care she needs, alternative and nutritional treatments, and pay for medical bills. Fifth Season Financial was able to provide a life insurance loan for my daughter’s Term Life Insurance Policy, which allowed our family to have the cash advance we need today to get help for my daughter now.”

Allen in New Jersey

We are very satisfied and relieved now thanks to Fifth Season. We are extremely likely to recommend the Funds for Living and Giving program to family and friends.Fifth Season has helped in giving back a stress free time for us. The advance we received will be used to pay-off all of our jointly debt and it will allow us to achieve our dream of owning our own home. The whole experience has been positive. Eric was very helpful, understanding and never got bothered with any of our questions. I believe Fifth Season is staffed with compassionate and caring people, and do everything they can. The Funds for Living and Giving program has 100% addressed our needs. Fifth Season has given us back our financial freedom. We are now able to concentrate on making happy memories.”

Glenn B in Connecticut

When my tumor began growing again, I knew I would need financial help.I turned to Fifth Season to access funds from my life insurance policy. I am using the cash to keep up with my bills and to take a vacation with my family that I would never have been able to pay for without these funds. Fifth Season responded right away and the process went very well. I strongly recommend Fifth Season to anyone who qualifies.”

Terrance in Iowa

I have been looking for financial help since my tumor started to grow again.It is hard enough dealing with cancer treatment, medical visits, and medical bills, so I considered selling my life insurance policy (viatical settlement) and whole life insurance. Fifth Season Financial was able to address my financial situation 100%. The “Loans for Living” process went well. Eric Smith answered all questions I had and responded right away. I am very satisfied with Fifth Season’s Loan for Living Program and a fan of the program. Since I was able to use my life insurance as an asset with the “Loans for Living” program, I will be spending funds on my family. These funds will help me keep up with my bills and possibly go on the vacation I was never able to pay for. Others should be aware of ALL OPTIONS when seeking financial help for cancer, so I will refer other’s to Fifth Season.”


Rest assured that your service has been a godsend on my end.Your initial loan allowed us to pay off some medical and other bills as well. It helped my wife and I keep subsequent bills at a manageable level and now nearly three years into my diagnosis we are still pretty much even. No savings left but no bills we can’t handle either. This would not have been possible without your help. And it also helps keep my future medical options more open than they would otherwise have been. When I offer prayers of thanks people like you and your organization, as well as the medical staff that supports me, are the beneficiaries of those prayers. Your service is truly that, another weapon in one’s fight against cancer.”

Walt in Missouri

Thank you for all your help through this ordeal.Cancer is very devastating on the person and the family. If not for Fifth Season, people like me would have no where to turn. I highly recommend people to your organization.”

Deborah in Kentucky

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