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Using Fifth Season’s innovative Funds for Living Program, our clients were able to access funds that immediately helped improve their lives.

I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in November 2014.It was devastating news for me and my family as I thought I was too young to have cancer, being 52 years then. After my treatments started, I noticed that I was slowly getting overwhelmed by co-pays related to the chemotherapy and inability to work full time in the first couple of months. Then I read information about life settlement companies that could buy your life insurance policy. I had several life insurance policies and decided to look into selling one of them. I had the choice of selling or obtaining a loan from the policy. I had maxed out any available loans from my insurance company on the policy. One company offered to buy the $100,000.00 for $52,000.00. I was about to accept the offer when I found out that I would be facing significant tax debt if I sold the policy. Fifth Season Financial came to my rescue by offering me a package which was entirely tax free as it was a loan on the policy that did not involve selling the policy. The funds were very helpful in assisting me to catch up with my financial needs and I would firmly recommend anyone in a similar situation to consider the loans offered by Fifth Season Financial to meet their needs.”

Ray in Minnesota

When my husband came out of cancer remission we knew what kind of care we wanted him to have.Our insurance was not going to cover his expenses and we didn’t know what to do. I came across Fifth Season while searching online for options or solutions. I called immediately and spoke with Eric Smith who took his time with me, answering all my questions and helped reassure me that there were options and it wasn’t over yet. The loan process was very easy and fast. We are now able to live without fear that my husband will not be able to receive the kind of care he needs simply because we couldn’t afford it. He is receiving excellent treatments in the facility of his choice and is doing extremely well. We are not stressed over our finances which is also very helpful in the healing process. We are very grateful to Fifth Season for giving the financial freedom to be able to get through this difficult time with a little more ease.”

Mindi in Washington

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first Fifth Season customer to say that my first instinct when I saw your ad in CURE magazine was to wonder what the catch would be. When I read that I could take as little or as much money from a qualifying life insurance policy as I wanted – without having to repay any of it – I thought it seemed too good to be true.Fortunately though, it was true. And for me and my new business the timing couldn’t have been better. It’s not just the Fifth Season money itself that makes such a difference, although it’s a total relief knowing day-to-day expenses are covered whether or not I’m feeling like working everyday. It’s the freedom and flexibility the money afforded me at a time when cancer threatened to take away my independence. I guess empowerment is one of those buzzwords that tend to get overused these days, but in my case, it’s true. I felt empowered by the financial and emotional support I received from Fifth Season. And now I’m using that energy to empower others through my own business. As a committed Christian, I don’t toss around the term Godsend lightly. But I can truly say that’s what Fifth Season has been for me. Just knowing the money is there to pay my living expenses and keep my new business going makes all the difference in the world. I can focus on working simply because it brings me joy to be a part of something I wholeheartedly believe in, and I can use every bit of my energy to focus on feeling and doing better physically. Stress is terribly counter-productive when you’re facing a life threatening disease like cancer – and like it or not, financial stress is one of the worst.”

Lisa in Colorado

I had just started my own business and poured our money into it when I was then diagnosed with cancer. Due to treatments of chemo, radiation, surgeries, and on going side effects I was no longer able to work. After four years of not working it took a toll on me not only financially but also emotionally. And then when my cancer came back I was even more devastated.Knowing how limited my time is it was so upsetting knowing I couldn’t do all the things I wanted to do with my kids and all I did was worry about our dire financial situation. I saw an article about the loan program and desperately wondered if they could help me. When I called I was so relieved to know they thought they could. They answered all my questions and gave me a time line on when things would happen. And best of all they got my medical records for me, I didn’t have to deal with copying and calling all of the many doctor offices to get them. I loved how they answered my phone call and returned my email questions so quickly. When you have cancer time is so important because our health can change so fast so I liked that they were fast on getting me the money so I could do all the things I needed to do while I was still feeling well enough.

I used the money to pay off the debt that had piled up from the years of cancer treatment. This provided such relief knowing going forward we would be ok. Best of all I took my kids on an amazing memory making vacation. It was so wonderful to leave all the cancer memories and just have fun and not worry about finances. I can’t even express how much this has helped my emotional state of being. It has lifted such a burden and let the time I have left be without the worry of finances but just doing the things I want with my kids. Thank you so much!”

Kim in Iowa

We are exceptionally satisfied with Fifth Season’s Funds For Living Program. While Fifth Season wasn’t the actual first provider we contacted, they proved to us beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be the most fair and reasonable.Our first and foremost priority will be on paying basic bills (rent / food / utilities). The costs we have incurred during my wife’s treatments for cancer has been financially devastating. Reducing our outstanding debt that we have had to endure will be another area where we will dedicate some of the funds. Additionally we will spend a small portion of the funds on insurance deductibles for my own health, which I’ve had to put off for years because we simply could not afford them. Both Mr. Eric Smith and Mr. Giovanny Ramirez have been the utmost in professional as well as genuinely caring individuals. They both displayed a genuine concern to our needs as authentic people. My wife and I were not just some “account to sell”, we were treated with the utmost respect and concern as human being, not just an account number. In our situation, where my wife’s employer and insurance provider would essentially put the responsibility on the other, where the employer would indicate that it was up to the insurance provider to provide necessary information, and then the insurance provider would indicate it is was the employer that was to provide information, while neither my wife’s employer nor her insurance provider would take responsibility, nor ownership or showed genuine concern in helping their own team member, in the case of her employer, or insured, in the case of her insurance provider. Both of which were quite disheartening and exceptionally stressful not to mention mind numbing frustrating. I guess my recommendation would be to maybe find a way to get both an employer’s, and an insurance provider’s, decision makers looped into the process earlier. The biggest impediment to our situation was my wife’s employer and insurance provider’s lack of knowledge and understanding about what it was we were trying to accomplish. This created unnecessary delays in securing information needed by Fifth Season to enable the process to move forward in a timely fashion and had nothing to do with Fifth Season’s personnel or process. In reality, Fifth Season Financial has literally saved our lives financially. Without the Funds For Living Program we would be homeless right now. We have been living in the same apartment for nearly 4 years and had only been late with rent two times and our landlord had served eviction notice on us, even while we had shown our landlord that we were going to receive a loan from Fifth Season. There really were no other options besides a different provider, which after various inquires, attempts and further research lead us to Fifth Seasons. Our financial situation has been so dire our credit has been ruined, and since I’ve been my wife’s full time caregiver I haven’t been able to work, and my wife’s basic salary had been reduced by 40% while being on medical leave, so getting any type of conventional loan was just out of the question. Everywhere we turned (banks / other lenders) we kept hearing the same thing, “Sorry but we can’t help you”. Except from a title loan company who charged us $300 a month in interest, which we were able to pay off thankfully. We did had a friend that held a benefit concert for my wife and that brought in a few hundred dollars, and we have had various church groups help us out from time to time, as well as have gone to the food banks several times. But we just could not find anything to secure funding that could effectively help us meet our basic financial obligations on a consistent basis. The loan we received from Fifth Season will enable us to stay above water and pay for my wife’s cancer treatments, without going homeless, especially in winter. We will be very likely to recommend Fifth Season’s Loans for Living program to anyone who’s willing to listen.”

Cassie & Clinton in Texas

I saw the Fifth Season ad in CURE magazine and my first thought was that the proposal was too good to be true. We live in a world of things that aren’t always what they seem to be, so it’s normal to be a bit skeptical – you ask yourself if there’s anything on the back-end of an offer that will be negative or let you down. I’m happy to say that Fifth Season has not only lived up to all of our professional expectations, but in many personal ways exceeded them.With the money from Fifth Season, I’ve been able to do all kinds of things for my wife that I would have never been able to do otherwise – whether it’s just watching her be able to go on spur-of-the-moment shopping sprees to lift her spirits after treatments, or the casual driving trip we took throughout North and South Carolina, we’re able to afford some extra things that are welcome distractions from the constant stress of living with cancer. Being in the insurance business myself, I’ve had more than a few occasions to see men in their hospital rooms worrying more about the financial welfare of their families than they were about their own medical condition. I’ve seen men who literally wanted to die instead of getting better so their life insurance would then be available to pay bills for their families and keep a roof over their heads. That’s why Fifth Season is an answer to a lot of prayers for a lot of people – once they knew about it. The first thing I thought when I saw the Fifth Season ad in a magazine in my wife’s doctor’s office was, What’s the catch? I guess cancer – and the kind of world we live in nowadays – just finally takes a toll on your hope, so you’re always preparing yourself for another dose of reality, another letdown. But something told me to contact the folks at Fifth Season and see for myself if they could live up to the promises in their ad. Well, they did – and they’re still doing it everyday.”

The Smiths in Mississippi

In October 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and my life was turned upside down. For a year and a half I was fighting for my life and bills was steadily racking up. My house was in jeopardy, my dream of remodeling my business was in foreclosure, doctor bills was through the roof and my children were in need of clothes and shoes.My life was a complete mess and I was seriously depressed. One day while visiting my Oncologist I noticed a flyer with information about Fifth Season. I read the information and later called for more information. I was assigned to Eric Smith. He was fantastic. He was attentive with my situation and he worked fast and efficient. I received my offer letter within two weeks. The paperwork was understandable. Eric made sure that all of the tabs were clearly marked. During the waiting process we ran into an issue with my employer paid insurance policy. They threw a last minute monkey wrench in the process. That’s when Giovanny Ramirez stepped in. Together Eric and Giovanny worked through things with my employer, going above and beyond for me. As it turns out Eric and Giovanny told me that going directly through my employers program would better for me. They advised me of the best option even though it was not their option and I commend this company for that. I would recommend this company to anyone at any time. I give them 5 stars.”

Tenesha in Missouri

Frankly, I was amazed at how easy and simple the process of facilitating a qualifying loan against my life policy could be, even though we were close to the date at which the policy would expire. I found the people at Fifth Season to be extremely flexible, understanding and helpful. At no time did I feel pressured in any way and I was given ample time to think things over and check things out. The loan enabled us to pay down our mortgage and settle other obligations and that gave us a lot of peace of mind. On the basis of my own experience, I would certainly recommend Fifth Season to anyone in a similar position.

Colin Tipping in Marietta, GA

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