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The Costs of Cancer Treatment

July  16,  2014 in

The measure called Comprehensive Score for financial Toxicity, or COST,  was the subject of an article published in the July 2014 issue of the journal Cancer.  COST is a “Patient-Reported Outcome Measure” (PROM) and is designed to help medical professionals and patients to overcome the reluctance to discuss the costs of cancer treatment.   There is concern that COST might distract researchers from researching better cancer care and instead focus on reporting the subjective PROM data.

Medical problems are a known factor in stress levels of US adults, a stress which leads to more illness.  The costs to treat chronic illnesses such as cancer, whether the patient is insured or not, can result in the patient experiencing financial uncertainty, or toxicity, and a decreased quality of life.   With the current US health care system, however, there is no doubt that the costs of cancer treatment needs to be openly and frankly discussed by cancer patients and their doctors.

Read the full article:  “We Need to Talk About the Costs of Cancer Treatment

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