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“Talking to Fifth Season was Like Calling a Friend” – Testimonial

March  29,  2018 in

When Stacy Bogart felt a lump in her breast in 2016, she immediately did the right thing: she scheduled an appointment with her doctor.

That’s when she discovered that she had a later-stage of breast cancer.  “And everything just kind of snowballed and took route from there”, she recalls.  A CAT scan showed that the cancer had spread to her liver, her lungs and lymph nodes.  She’s been in chemotherapy ever since.

It’s been hard, with treatments every week and difficulty with nausea.  She’s been fortunate that her employer has helped allow a special schedule that lets Stacy work hours that fit her treatment plan.

But the bills quickly became an issue.  Despite having medical insurance, her doctor visits and medication copays started to become unmanageable.  “Going to the doctor”, Stacy says, “the bills just keep piling up, piling up, piling up.  You owe this amount, and that amount, and it just gets higher and higher and higher.  So you start thinking, what the heck am I going to do, you know?”.

Finding it difficult to pay her rent, Stacy took action.  She looked online for financial resources for cancer patients, and found our Funds for Living Program.  She called right away, and spoke to Amanda, who calmly explained how the Funds for Living Program might be able to help.

Amanda explained that if Stacy qualified medically, she may be able to receive a significant cash advance of the death benefit of her life insurance policy.  Repayment of the advance (and all fees and interest) would not add further burden to Stacy’s financial health, but instead would not need to be paid until later out of the policy death benefit.  All surplus funds would then be sent to her beneficiaries.

Stacy soon realized that the program could answer all of her needs: she could pay her bills, improve her quality of life and still preserve some funds to pass on to her family.  She applied, and was approved for a $60,000 Funds For Living advance.

And those funds couldn’t have come sooner.  She was able to avoid eviction, paying her rent in full.  She also was able to buy herself a car to help with her transportation to medical facilities, and even was able to allocate enough funds to take a trip with her family.

Throughout the process, Stacy describes Fifth Season Financial as being a true partner in her fight.  She uses words like “empathy” and “integrity” to describe the Fifth Season team, especially Amanda.  “It was like calling a friend”, Stacy says.

Fifth Season Financial is delighted to have helped Stacy, and are so glad to have helped reduce the financial strain in her life.  Thanks so much for your kind words, Stacy!

Stacy Bogart, client of Fifth Season Financial

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