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Living With Late-Stage Illness

Support & Resources for the Terminally Ill

High Cancer Costs for Cancer Patients Seeking Treatment

High cancer costs for cancer patients seeking treatment is topic that is hardly open for discussion between doctors and patients....
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Cancer Patients Find Financial Relief Through Online Fundraising

The financial impact of a cancer diagnosis can be devastating, but social-media savvy cancer patients and their supporters are using...
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Questions to Ask When Facing a Cancer Diagnosis

There was a wonderful opinion piece in the Sunday New York Times a few weeks back that everybody should read...
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Can I Use My Life Insurance To Get A Loan for Cancer Bills and Treatments?

Cancer changes the lives of millions of people.  In addition to the obvious physical and emotional hardships, a cancer diagnosis...
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Brittany Maynard & Her Struggle with Terminal Illness

Brittany Maynard was a courageous woman who lived and died on her own terms. At the age of 29 years...
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Cancer Diagnosis & Mental Health

A group of German researchers has just released a study confirming what many may already have suspected – a cancer...
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Cancer Tumors Destroyed with New Cancer Drug

Scientists in Queensland, Australia have created a new cancer drug from the fruit of the blushwood tree, an indigenous shrub...
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Can I Get Financial Assistance for Cancer with Bad Credit?

Along with the distress that comes with a cancer diagnosis and the discomforts of treatment, more and more cancer patients...
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Is Breast Augmentation Causing Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, a Blood Cancer?

Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in the United States, and is the most common cosmetic...
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Can Colon Cancer Detection Be as Easy as Eating Yogurt?

Colorectal cancer (or colon cancer) is one of the most treatable iterations of the disease if it is detected early....
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