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In Need of Breast Cancer Financial Assistance?

July  27,  2016 in

The cost of the treatment for breast cancer can quickly become a major financial burden. When this happens, you may start looking for breast cancer financial assistance. Many people do not realize that they may get multiple bills for only one procedure. For example, you may receive a bill from each department that is in the hospital that was involved in your surgery, possibly includingthe hospital lab, the anesthesiologist, the surgery department, and any other department that may have been involved. Even if your co-payments are low, these costs eventually add up and can become a burden. If you find that you are in need of help, financial support for breast cancer is available.

The first place that you may go in order to get information on financial support for breast cancer is your health care provider. Most hospitals, as well as treatment centers, have financial counselors. These counselors can help with the details of the medical insurance paperwork as well as giving you an estimated cost of your treatment. They may also be able to help you with a payment plan for those out of pocket costs. If you are unable to pay out of pocket costs for your treatment, these counselors can help you find out if the treatment centers would be willing to reduce (or in some cases) waive these costs. No matter what your income may be, there are financial aid programs that you may be qualified for such as the breast cancer assistance fund.

If you need assistance beyond what the hospital can offer, you can look for additional philanthropic support from third party organizations. You may also consider alternative options, like taking an advance from your life insurance policy from programs like Fifth Season Financial’s Funds For Living Program, which provides advances while still retaining funds for your beneficiaries.

Whatever your financial situation may be, you will want to look into any financial support for breast cancer from the beginning of your treatment so that you do not find yourself with a major financial burden.

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