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Meet Stephanie, a Breast Cancer Patient

October  16,  2014 in

We all know October is a breast cancer awareness month, which is designed to raise awareness of the disease, raise money for research and to encourage women to self-check for early detection of breast cancer.

This year we decided to honor breast cancer month by sharing Stephanie’s story, a breast cancer patient whose struggle inspired us and hopefully will inspire you to feel the same way.

Stephanie lives in Midwest with her husband and two beautiful teenage daughters. At the time of her diagnosis of aggressive stage 3 hormone positive, HER-2 positive metastatic breast cancer, Stephanie was gainfully employed as a paralegal and enjoying her home and work-life balance.

Stephanie continued working for some time after being diagnosed and adjusting to a new lifestyle. But the various treatments took their toll, and she was forced to resign and apply for disability. It didn’t slow Stephanie down at all. Life goes on and she was ready for it.

Unfortunately, soon she found out the recurrence of metastatic lesions – cancer – was back. Like many brave women in her position, Stephanie turned to her friends and family for support. Her determination to fight and not give up was contagious.

Stephanie came to us once she exhausted all other options for financial assistance for cancer options.  I am very glad to say, we were able to provide her with the financial help for cancer she was looking for.

Stephanie says:

Fith Season Financial “gave me peace of mind and more strength to fight my breast cancer. “

We talked to Stephanie a few weeks ago and she is determined to “fight and never give up.” She is an inspiration to all of us.

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