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Jennifer and Michael’s Story About Multiple Myeloma

April  06,  2016 in

Read Jennifer and Michael’s story about how they found financial help for multiple myeloma.

Testimonial from Jennifer and Michael D.

“In October of 2015 I was working with my mortgage company on a loan modification that would reduce my monthly payments and help my husband and I make it through each month. My husband, Michael, has multiple myeloma and has been through six different regimens to try to reach remission. Juggling caretaking for my husband and paying the bills has been a challenge but I always paid my mortgage first. Imagine my shock when discussing my loan modification status with my mortgage company to discover that my home was in foreclosure and was going to be sold at auction in two weeks. I couldn’t believe it. I had never been notified of this sale. I had paid my monthly mortgage, had proof on Bill Pay from my bank, but they had NOT credited my account with almost $25,000 of payments that had been paid on time.

I then checked my local paper and discovered that our home was indeed going to be auctioned on Monday, November 1st. The mortgage company demanded the full $25,000 to stop the sale. Declaring bankruptcy was not an option. We had no money to hire a lawyer and fight this injustice before the sale. Exhausting all our possible options, my husband suggested that we take an advance on his life insurance policy. In a search for mortgage help for cancer patients, we discovered Fifth Season. I called them immediately to explain our situation and the timeline we faced. Fifth Season’s representative, Eric Smith, personally took control over our case. He sent us all the documentation that we needed to fill out and even a few pieces of paperwork that he knew would speed up the process with Michael’s insurance company.

This was an extremely stressful week. It came down to Friday afternoon before our house was to be auctioned on Monday. After several calls with Giovanni and Eric from Fifth Season, the money was wired to Michael’s bank account just in time to save our house from being auctioned. Michael and I know that Fifth Season expedited the process just so we wouldn’t lose our home. They didn’t have to care but they did. I can’t say enough words of praise for the folks at Fifth Season who came to our rescue in our time of need.

We are now working with a financial advisor and a lawyer from Cancer Link out of Richmond to prove my mortgage payments and get our money back from the mortgage company. We have a strong case and we feel certain we will be able to get the money back to reinstate Michael’s insurance. Fifth Season is a professional, caring company whose sole purpose is to offer assistance to cancer patients with their financial needs when they and their family can benefit most. I would highly recommend Fifth Season to cancer patients as an option to relieve some of the financial burden caused by cancer.”

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