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Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients in Ohio

January  14,  2019 in

Cancer is an insidious disease that not only infiltrates the body, but every part of the patient’s life. Not only does it impact your cells and organs, but also your personal life. It inspires fear, grief and anger, and leaves friends and family feeling helpless and uncertain about what they can do to alleviate your burden.

When cancer patients are asked about what causes them the most frustration and stress, the list is long and includes the things that most people would expect: children, work life, fear of pain, and fear of death. But the one thing that tops the list is their finances. It is not until you are facing an advanced illness that you really understand exactly how expensive cancer care can be. Not only do you have to deal with direct expenses such as copays and deductibles, but there are significant costs that insurance does not address. Travel to and from the hospital or doctors’ appointments, help with childcare or housekeeping, time away from work – all of these can add up quickly and quickly deplete savings that have taken a lifetime to accumulate.

If you live in the state of Ohio, financial help for cancer is available if you know where to look for it. Cancer support networks, your physician’s office, and the social workers at your care facility are all excellent sources of information about where to find assistance, and there are a number of local and national organizations that offer a variety of cancer resources.

Government Sources of Financial Help for Cancer Patients in Ohio

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Information on public assistance and food stamps
Check phonebook for your local office

U.S. Administration on Aging
Benefits for older adults (Eldercare Locator finds resources in your community)

Social Security Administration

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Ohio Medicaid
(800) 324‐8680
Ohio Medicaid is a federal‐state‐ funded program that provides health care coverage to a number of different groups of people who meet certain financial requirements. These groups include low‐income children, some parents, pregnant women and aged, blind or disabled individuals

Financial Resources for Cancer Patients in Ohio

Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio
(216) 255-3850
About Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio: Formed by survivors, the purpose of the Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio is to distribute funds from the sale of Ohio’s Breast Cancer Awareness License Plate to organizations around Ohio for emergency financial assistance to breast cancer patients and to improve access to quality health care and clinical trials.

Christians Overcoming Cancer
(614) 985-3750
About Christians Overcoming Cancer: Christians Overcoming Cancer helps cancer patients succeed on their road to recovery through awareness, emotional support and financial relief services. They serve as a service information resource for cancer patients. They have developed and maintain a database of services available specifically to cancer patients. The program also serves as a financial resource maintaining two funds to financially assist those in active cancer treatment. The General Cancer Fund provides financial support to adults and the Mark Hudson II fund provides financial support to parents of children in active treatment.

The Littlest Heroes
(440) 498-9200
About The Littlest Heroes: The Littlest Heroes exists to positively impact the lives of children with cancer and their families through social, emotional and financial services. Heroes Family Fund assists families struggling with fuel, groceries and other financial hardship. Adopt-A-Family Program helps families enjoy the holiday season through gifts, meals and other essential items.

1-800-813-HOPE (4673)

About Cancer Care: Provides financial relief for specific cancer related expenses such as, insurance co-payments, treatment related transportation and home care.

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition

About Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition: Is a coalition of fourteen different cancer related organizations. They work together to provide a listing of financial resources for individuals with cancer. The website is categorized by disease, assistance and location of the patient.

Fifth Season Financial
About Fifth Season Financial: Is a leader in providing access to much needed funds for cancer patients. Fifth Season financial helps patients access an often-overlooked asset – their life insurance benefit. The funds for Living Program offers patients unrestricted access to funds. The program essentially uses your life insurance policy as collateral for a loan. However, it differs from traditional loans as there are no out-of-pocket interest payments, credit check and there are no income requirements.

HealthWell Foundation

About HealthWell Foundation: Assists patients with some health care related expenses such as co-pays, insurance deductibles and insurance premiums.

Hope Lodge – American Cancer Society
(800) ACS‐2345
About Hope Lodge: Provides free lodging available to patients and caregivers actively undergoing cancer treatment on an outpatient basis. Patients must live at least 40 miles or one hour away from the treatment facility. Priority is given to patients needing three or more nights of lodging. Patients must be at least 18 years old (with some exceptions) and be independently mobile in the event of an emergency.

National Children’s Cancer Society
(800) 532-6459
Financial, emotional, educational and medical resources for every stage of illness and recovery. Direct financial assistance for medical and non-medical expenses related to treatment for children with cancer.

Patient Advocate Foundation’s Colorectal Careline

About Patient Advocate Foundation: Offers professional case managers to act as liaisons between patients with chronic, life threatening or debilitating diseases and their medical insurance companies. Their goal is to reduce the stress associated with insurance mishaps and to ensure that financial pressures do not compromise quality of care. Case managers in their MedCareLine program also assist patients who are experiencing financial challenges by linking the patients to available programs that provide financial assistance for their specific needs.

Sarcoma Alliance
About Sarcoma Alliance: Provides specific grants for sarcoma patients. They have a specific grant that covers those seeking a second medical opinion.

Air Charity Network
(877) 621‐7177
About Air Charity Network: Provides access for people in need of free air transportation to specialized health care facilities or remote destinations due to family, community or national crises.

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