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Financial Costs of Cancer: Are you prepared?

December  18,  2014 in

While Dr. Mikkael Sekeres, an experienced oncologist, can treat a lot of what comes with cancer, there is one aspect of treatment that he is ill equipped to fix: the cost. As the prices for treatment can surpass $100,000, Sekeres often sees his patients left in turmoil caused by difficult financial decisions. Ideally, the cancer treatment a patient is provided is the one the doctor thinks is the most effective, but more often than not, it is the one that they can afford. When talking about treatment options, doctors, like Sekeres, have to review not only the possible advantages and disadvantages, but whether their insurance will cover it and how much money it will end up costing.

In a NY Times blog titled “The Punishing Cost of Cancer Care,” Sekeres narrates an experience with a patient and his wife facing the extremely taxing choice of what treatment option to use. Sekeres suggested the most effective option would be chemotherapy pills. The pills would cost five thousand dollars because they are not covered under the patient’s insurance. The overwhelming figure left the couple torn; after a year and a half of treatment and driving 90 miles for appointments with Sekeres, there’s no doubt that the couple had already used a lot of resources.

Afraid that cancer expenses would bankrupt his family, the patient was understandably opposed to the idea. While his wife sat quietly, disapproving of his reasoning. On the verge of retirement, the couple cannot afford the financial costs of cancer treatment, but make too much money to qualify for financial assistance. Unfortunately, this problem happens far too often. Fifth Season Financial understands treatment can take a financial toll on families. Our Funds For Living Program can help grant you the freedom to get the treatment you need.

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