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Innovative Financial Options For Cancer Patients

May  22,  2014 in

An advanced stage cancer diagnosis is devastating to a patient and their family.  In addition to the obvious physical and emotional stresses, a common side effect is financial stress.  Fifth Season Financial’s “Funds For Living” program is designed to help patients regain control over their financial situation using an innovative financial tool.  Unfortunately many people who could benefit from the “Loans for Living” program are simply not aware of its existence as an option.  As a result Fifth Season Financial has produced and is today releasing an educational video that communicates the benefits of the “Funds For Living” Program.

The “Funds for Living” program fills a large gap between patient financial needs and the type of assistance that is commonly available to them.  Specifically, there are a number of excellent resources available to help patients with specific costs associated with treating cancer, including co-pay assistance programs, programs that pay for the cost of drugs and away from home stays during treatment.  While these programs help many patients, their scope is usually limited to specific needs directly associated with the cost of care.

Many patients facing advanced cancer need access to discretionary funds for a variety of reasons, including paying ordinary bills, paying for in-home care, bringing family together, travelling while still able to do so and many other reasons.  People who come to Fifth Season for help typically are in financial straits because their income has been dramatically affected by their disease, they have used up their savings, home equity and other sources of funds and are unable to get help elsewhere for discretionary cash needs.

The video chronicles the story of Nicole Tupper a typical “Funds For Living” recipient.  Ms. Tupper stated that, “the loan was transformative, I actually started to make incredible gains in my health”. Dr. Nevena Damjanov, a Gastrointentestinal Oncologist explains the expensive costs of cancer care and the importance of both peace of mind and quality of life during treatment.  Lastly, Adam Balinsky, the President of Fifth Season Financial illustrates various financial options for cancer patients and why the “Funds For Living” program is so innovative and can help advanced cancer patients regain financial control. The video was officially released by Fifth Season today and an additional educational  version of the video will air on PBS over the next year.

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