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Fifth Season Financial Listed as a Resource on American Cancer Society

October  22,  2014 in

As we all know, treatment expenses, ongoing medical costs, decreased ability to work and other issues cause financial stress that a patient diagnosed with advanced cancer must be able to tolerate in addition to their medical situation. More and more cancer patients are seeking financial assistance. American Cancer Society is one of the most reputable sources patients diagnosed with cancer turn to. Fifth Season Financial is proud to be listed on American Cancer Society website as a national resource for financial assistance using life insurance as an asset.  You can view our listin here:

Funds for Living Program offered by Fifth Season Financial focuses on providing patients with access to immediate cash by allowing them to borrow against the face value of their life insurance policy. Eligibility for our program has two key requirements: (a) the patient must have an existing life insurance policy (almost any type will qualify including term insurance and group insurance), and (b) the patient must have an advanced stage disease. We then structure a specific loan proposal for the patient that provides them with current cash that can be used as they see fit, while also preserving a portion of the life insurance policy proceeds for the beneficiary.

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