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End-of-Life Care & Family Support

April  08,  2016 in

How Family Support Can Help During End-of-Life Care

When a loved one is facing a terminal illness, conversations about end-of-life can be heartbreaking and extremely difficult. But, discussing end-of-life care is important and necessary.  When caregivers, family members and loved ones are clear about the patient’s wishes and preferences they are better able to devote their energy to care and compassion.

Ensuring a loved one’s final months, weeks, or days are as good as they can be requires advance planning. Anticipating the demands, decisions and points of contention of end-of-life care can help ease the journey and assist with a greater quality of life for the individual facing the terminal illness. Having family support for end-of-life care is extremely important.

Some Tips to Help with End-of-Life Care Decisions

  • Prepare Before The Need Arises – The end-of-life journey is eased considerably when decisions have been made in advance and when family members have clear directions. Discuss and make plans for placement, treatment, and end-of-life wishes. Consider hospice and palliative care services, spiritual practices, and memorial traditions in advance.
  • Seek Legal Advice – Complete legal documents such as a living will, power of attorney, or advance directives.
  • Take Care of Financial Housekeeping– Organize files, locate critical personal documents, taxes and retirement, financial and insurance information.  Create a list of accounts and passwords and name or update beneficiaries on financial accounts.
  • Address Family Conflicts – Stress and grief resulting from a loved one’s deterioration can often create conflict between family members. If you are dealing with differences of opinion and conflict seek mediation assistance from a trained doctor, social worker, or hospice specialist.
  • Communicate with Family Members – Choose a primary decision maker who will manage information and coordinate family involvement and support. Even when families know their loved one’s wishes, implementing decisions for or against sustaining or life-prolonging treatments requires communication and coordination.

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