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Delivering Boxes o’ Love to Cancer Patients for Support

August  06,  2014 in

Ginger Johnson, founder of Happy Chemo!, is the quintessential cheerleader.  She is also a breast cancer survivor who was initially diagnosed when 5 months pregnant.  While undergoing chemo treatment after her child was born, Ms. Johnson coined the tongue-in-cheek “Happy Chemo!” greeting while sharing donated samples and presents with her fellow patients.

The gesture lifted the spirits of those around her in the clinic so much that when her own treatment had finished, she was inspired to continue to bring smiles and hope to patients and caregivers alike.

Ms. Johnson’s goal is to bring a little bit of sunshine to the chemotherapy experience and provide assurance that somebody cares.  Happy Chemo!’s signature product is the Happy Chemo! Box o’ Love, which contains a hat, Vanilla Mint Deodorant samples, Laundry Powder samples, magazines, body wash, stickers, pens, brochures, discounts from partners, and information on resources for patients.  The recipient testimonials lend credence to the power behind the gesture, and demonstrate how effective and welcome the gift is.o continue to bring smiles and hope to patients and caregivers alike.

Happy Chemo! and Fifth Season Financial partner to help cancer patients.

The power of Happy Chemo!’s message resonates with the goals of Fifth Season.  In celebration of this message, Fifth Season has partnered with Happy Chemo! and donated boxes and a variety of products that can help ease a patient’s burden that will be included in Happy Chemo!’s Box o’ Love and delivered to chemotherapy clinics across the country. These Boxes o’ Love will be delivered to Dr. Abraham Mittelman’s office in New York, CTCA in Georgia, Seattle Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center in Washington State, and UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center in California.  Volunteers, who are patients still undergoing chemotherapy or have just completed therapy, will be bringing Boxes o’ Love to the cancer facilities.

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