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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

January  13,  2015 in

Since January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, there is no better time to discuss prevention and detection of the disease. Cervical cancer is the best example of how successful cancer prevention can be. Caused primarily by the most prevalent sexually transmitted disease, cervical cancer is predominantly preventable and treatable when caught in its early stages. Through vaccinations and regular gynecological exams, women can stay protected.

Cervical Cancer Information

Cervical cancer, a condition in which cancerous cells form in the lining of the cervix, is the deadliest form of cancer for women. Most cervical cancer is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Worldwide, cervical cancer causes approximately 270,000 deaths annually. Though it is still very prevalent, it is the most preventable form of cancer. While cervical cancer used to be the leading cause of cancer related death in women in the United States, it has decreased significantly due to Pap smears and HPV vaccinations. These preventative measures are able to screen for precancerous cells, and help prevent HPV infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently released new guidelines for the prevention of cervical cancer.

Decreasing Prevalence of Cervical Cancer

The new guidelines hope to use screening and vaccination to decrease the occurrence of cervical cancer globally by making them more cost effective as well as easier to administer. Girls, ages 9 to 13, will be vaccinated with two doses of a HPV vaccine. The change from a three dose vaccine to a two dose not only makes administration easier, but also lessens the cost. Testing changes were also noted: the new guidelines say that women should be tested for HPV no earlier than every five years, instead of every two. WHO also suggested new means of communication about the disease. Instead of targeting the most at-risk women, WHO hopes to educate people on all levels about the importance of testing and vaccination throughout their lives.

While cervical cancer is the best example of preventable cancer, unfortunately, we do not have the ability to prevent all cancers this efficiently and cost effectively. Most other cancers rely on treatment of patients after a cancer diagnosis. Fifth Season Financial knows how financially taxing treatment can be, but we can help. Our cancer loans for advanced cancer patients can help ease your financial worry.

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