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5 Resources to Help Relieve Financial Stress for Cancer Patients

When you hear about a friend, family member or colleague who has been diagnosed with cancer, it’s natural to try...
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Cancer Diagnosis & Mental Health

A group of German researchers has just released a study confirming what many may already have suspected – a cancer...
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American Idol meets Happy Chemo! – One of Our Proud Partners

Fifth Season Financial was built on the idea of providing financial assistance to help ease the burden of living with...
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Rising Costs of Cancer Treatments

The industry that makes cancer drugs, including well known companies such as Novartis and Pfizer, typically sell the public on...
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Advanced Cancer Can Cause Financial Stress for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients are especially financially vulnerable when compared to the general population.  This stress is detrimental to the patient’s health...
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How to Cope with Financial Stress After Cancer

Specialists from the University of Chicago have been discussing the painful reality of “financial toxicity” with cancer patients, social workers,...
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