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Financial Resource Guide to Viaticals, Life Settlements, and Life Insurance Loans

When facing a diagnosis of an advanced-stage illness such as a late-stage cancer or a neurological condition, one of the...
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How Are Cancer Loans Taxed?

It seems patently unfair that those in the midst of a cancer journey must also deal with the same daily...
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4 Reasons Not to Fund Cancer Treatment with Credit Cards

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, most people immediately jump into a “whatever-it-takes” thought process. It becomes imperative to find...
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Cancer Loan: Using a Life Insurance Policy vs. Credit Cards

Every cancer journey begins with symptoms and a diagnosis, and from that point things quickly grow out of control. Suddenly...
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The Costs of Cancer Treatment

The measure called Comprehensive Score for financial Toxicity, or COST,  was the subject of an article published in the July...
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