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Types of Cancer Costs

Politicians and consumer advocates are constantly referring to the high cost of medical care, but until you are actually confronted...
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5 Most Expensive Types of Cancer for Seniors

There was once a time when a diagnosis of cancer was something that was whispered about, and the cancer patient...
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The Emotional Effects of Cancer

The experience of learning that you have cancer, as well as of dealing with the disease, has often been described...
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Financial Toxicity of Cancer

Studies are showing that financial toxicity may lower quality of life in #cancer patients. It’s important to know and understand...
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“Getting cancer is one of the worst economic things that can happen to you in the US.”

Are you watching Episode 3 of “Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies?” What are your thoughts about the documentary. We’d...
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New Cancer Drugs Are FDA Approved

Under their accelerated approval program, the FDA has approved two new drugs, Opdivo and Lynparza, to treat cancer . Both...
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Financial Costs of Cancer: Are you prepared?

While Dr. Mikkael Sekeres, an experienced oncologist, can treat a lot of what comes with cancer, there is one aspect...
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