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Cancer Treatment – Questions, Decisions, and Concerns

Cancer Treatment - Questions, Decisions and Concerns

Being diagnosed with cancer sets off a whirlwind of activities. You may be referred to specialists or sent for further testing. You may talk to a social worker or patient navigator who can explain the resources available or give you more detailed information about your options.

In the face of this flurry, it is often a good idea to stop and take a deep breath before diving in. All of the decisions that you make about your treatment should be based on sound medical advice, but should also reflect your own goals and wishes.

Before moving forward in a way that makes you feel that you’ve lost all control, take the time to educate yourself about the various types of cancer treatments, ask your physician the important questions, and consider how cancer treatments will impact your life. This is also a key time to evaluate your financial situation in preparation for upcoming medical expenses and other unexpected expenses that may occur.

Cancer Treatments

Your treatment options will be dependent upon the type of cancer that you’ve been diagnosed with, but in most cases you will be offered surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. Some physicians may offer more state-of-the-art protocols such as immunotherapy, stem cell transplant, photodynamic therapy or blood product donation and transfusion. If you like to do your own research, there is a wealth of information available online about each. Otherwise, you can ask your physician about how each would benefit your particular condition.

Talking to Your Doctor

It is important that you are able to communicate your questions and concerns with your doctor’s office, and that dialogue begins as soon as you are diagnosed. Start by asking these questions, and afterwards get into the habit of keeping a notepad with you so that as questions arise, you can jot them down for your next appointment or a quick phone call.
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  • What kind of cancer do I have and where is it located?
  • Has my cancer spread? What Stage am I in?
  • Who is my best contact for getting copies of reports?
  • What are my treatment options? How will they affect me?
  • What is your experience in treating this type of cancer?
  • Should I get involved in a clinical trial?
  • What will treatment cost?

The answers to these questions will give you information on what to expect in the future. Armed with this you can start making decisions about what works best for you.

Financial Impact

Going through cancer treatments, or any treatment for a serious illness can cause financial strain on an individual, as well as a family. It’s important to prepare for times where you might need to miss work for a doctor’s appointment or need time off due to going through chemotherapy or some other medical treatment. Be sure to ask your social worker or patient navigator for any available resources that can help you.

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