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Cancer Risk in Southern California from Air Pollution

October  23,  2014 in

You may not remember this, but not that long ago it was common for people living in southern California to completely lose their view of the nearby mountains due to the presence of brown smog. Those days are past due to concerted efforts at reducing emissions from diesel trucks and other pollutants, and now a study released by air quality regulators has provided a view of exactly how much things have improved.

According to the South Coast Air Quality Management District, cancer risk caused by airborne pollutants has decreased by more than fifty percent in the last ten years. Still, Southern California remains among the nation’s worst for toxic pollutants such as benzene and diesel particulate matter.

The air quality study has been conducted four times since 1987 and has shown constant improvement, with the most recent test showing the greatest change. Unfortunately, there have also been shifts in how cancer risk is calculated, and these estimate that the actual risk of cancer from airborne pollutants is three times greater than the guidelines the state is using suggest.

Despite this, the air management board is pleased at the dramatic reduction in emissions, which was accomplished by enforcing changes to diesel trucks in 2007 and reducing the pollution coming from cargo ships in the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. These areas in Sourthern California pose the greatest health risks to those in the vicinity.

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