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Broker Testimonial: How the Funds for Living Program Helps Clients

May  12,  2016 in

Here’s a testimonial from a broker who closed a case using our Funds For Living Program for their client.

From Robert Kaiser, President, Kaiser Financial Group, Inc.

As a broker General Agent for over 30 years, I have had several positive experiences working with Fifth Season Financial in finding creative solutions for my client’s needs.  In particular, we recently closed on a case utilizing their Funds for Living Program which provided a much needed (and tax efficient) funds advance for a client who was unable to afford future policy premiums.  FSF not only assumed future premium payments, but also retains a significant policy death benefit for the insured’s family.  Had the policy lapsed, none of this would have been possible.  I look forward to offering their services to all the financial advisors that relay on Kaiser Financial for innovative products that solve problems and general additional income opportunities.

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