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American Idol meets Happy Chemo! – One of Our Proud Partners

October  03,  2014 in

Fifth Season Financial was built on the idea of providing financial assistance to help ease the burden of living with cancer, so when we heard about Happy Chemo! we knew we wanted to partner with this amazing organization. Happy Chemo! was founded by a cancer survivor who wanted to make something good come from the worst time of her life.

When Ginger Johnson was going through chemotherapy treatment she decided to try to make it a bit more positive for herself and for those around her, so she put together goodie bags for her fellow patients who she sat with in the chemo treatment room and made a point of bringing them in each time she was scheduled for treatment. She was rewarded with their smiles, appreciation and friendship.

Today she is a six-year breast cancer survivor who is still spreading those smiles around. She’s built an amazing network of resources, businesses and organizations that provide freebies, discounts and other aids to those undergoing chemotherapy treatment, and we’re helping with her Bags O’ Love goodie bag distribution project. 

Bags O’Love is the fulfillment of Ginger’s dream of personally delivering her goodie bags to chemotherapy treatment rooms across the country. This month Bags O’ Love are filled with product samples, comfort items and helpful information that will be delivered by members of her Happy Chemo! community to cancer centers in California, Washington, New York and Georgia, and what a celebration putting those bags together was!

Ginger’s team held a Bag Assembly Party made all the more special by the presence of Justin Williams, an American Idol contestant from Season 9. Fans of the show may remember Justin as a cancer survivor himself: he was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of twenty, and he is always happy to lend a hand to those supporting cancer patients. Justin not only helped fill bags, he even danced and serenaded the Happy Chemo! volunteers, making the event a joy to participate in and filling the atmosphere with love that we’re sure will be felt when those goodie bags are opened.

This event was just the beginning of the Bags O’Love project, and we look forward to continuing to support Happy Chemo! as they work to bring smiles and hope to chemo patients all around the country.

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