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Living With Late-Stage Illness

Support & Resources for the Terminally Ill

Can Life Insurance Pay for Cancer Treatment?

Is it possible to leverage your life insurance policy as an asset to pay for your cancer treatment and other expenses while...
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Tips to Combat Loss of Appetite During Cancer Treatment

As cancer patients and their families know well, there are many challenging aspects of treatment. Common chemotherapy and immunotherapy side...
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Financial Assistance for Patients Diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and End-Stage Renal Disease

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, roughly 75,000 Americans are diagnosed with kidney cancer each year. Further, the...
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What to Know About Early Detection and the Latest Cancer Screening Guidelines

Preventing cancer means taking a range of proactive measures, from eating right to regular screenings. The World Health Organization cites...
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Love Your Heart: Overcoming Financial Stress Resulting from Coronary Artery Disease

Every February, American Heart Month raises awareness about the importance of heart health and preventing heart disease. Even small lifestyle...
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Financial Assistance for Coal Miners Facing Black Lung

From firefighting to law enforcement, and many more, certain professions unfortunately carry occupational hazards. One particular line of work with...
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What Are The Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Thyroid Cancer?

January may be best known for New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but did you know that...
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Managing the Cost of Brain Tumor and Meningioma Treatment

Grappling with an advanced-stage illness is a most difficult journey. Add to that the financial factor – from staying on...
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Caring for a Loved One with End-Stage Kidney Disease

Providing day-to-day care for a loved one who is battling a late-stage illness can be a daunting task — it...
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Navigating Pancreatic Cancer: Signs, Symptoms, and Resources

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month — an opportunity to educate people about “the world’s toughest cancer.” Pancreatic cancer has...
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