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Living With Late-Stage Illness

Support & Resources for the Terminally Ill

Exorbitant Costs of Medical Care

By: Andrew Yakubovich and Tracey Aaron Bills Lead to Hardship It is no secret that the cost of receiving care...
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Are You Looking for Financial Resources for Cancer Patients in Texas?

By: Tracey Aaron If you are facing a cancer diagnosis and experiencing financial stress, you should be aware that there...
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Johnson & Johnson Recalls Sunscreen

By: Caitlin Boyles We recently shared a post about traces of benzene being found in different brands of sunscreen.  Benzene...
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Use Sunscreen: Do What You Can to Prevent Cancer

By: Andrew Yakubovich How does Skin Cancer Develop? If you knew you could help prevent cancer, wouldn’t you do everything...
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The Skyrocketing Costs of Cancer Treatments

By: Andrew Yakubovich A recent article published by the Wall Street Journal discusses a scenario far too common for people...
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Combatting Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia and its Many Challenges

By: Andrew Yakubovich Living and coping with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia can be extremely stressful, both mentally and physically; the...
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Can Life Insurance Pay for Cancer Treatment?

Is it possible to leverage your life insurance policy as an asset to pay for your cancer treatment and other expenses while...
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Tips to Combat Loss of Appetite During Cancer Treatment

As cancer patients and their families know well, there are many challenging aspects of treatment. Common chemotherapy and immunotherapy side...
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Financial Assistance for Patients Diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and End-Stage Renal Disease

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, roughly 75,000 Americans are diagnosed with kidney cancer each year. Further, the...
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What to Know About Early Detection and the Latest Cancer Screening Guidelines

Preventing cancer means taking a range of proactive measures, from eating right to regular screenings. The World Health Organization cites...
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