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Your diagnosis doesn't own you, but it does present challenges. Find your solution to financial stress.

Nothing is more important than maintaining your quality of life, especially in the face of an advanced-stage illness. Fifth Season Financial has pioneered an alternative to viatical settlements with an innovative financial assistance program for cancer patients and the terminally ill that utilizes an asset that many individuals own but don't realize they can access: their life insurance policy.

If you currently own a life insurance policy, the FLAG program is designed with you and your loved ones in mind:


Funds for Living

Get a large cash advance now, without any restrictions on how the funds can be used.


Funds for Giving

Your insurance policy remains in place allowing you to leave additional funds to your beneficiaries later.


Since 2007, hundreds of families have used Fifth Season's financial assistance program to fight financial strain caused by serious illness. Contact us today to see if you qualify!

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We will not share or sell your information.

Watch a short video to learn how the FLAG Program can work for you:

The Benefits Of FLAG

With Fifth Season's financial assistance program for those with advanced stage illnesses, we can help you not only face your
challenges, but truly live your best life through them.


Financial Stress

Immediate money to maximize your quality of life now.


Improve Your Quality of Life

Focus on important things like family and getting the care you deserve without financial worry.



You choose how to spend your money. Pay bills, take a vacation, or give a gift to someone you love. It's your choice!


Your Policy Stays Intact

Your life insurance policy stays in effect, and in more than 90% of cases funds remain to pass on to your loved ones.

Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

Using Fifth Season's innovative FLAG Program, our clients were able to access funds
that immediately helped improve their lives. For more client stories click here.


Lisa from Colorado invested in her new business while minimizing her financial stress.


Cassie from Texas was able to pay her back rent and stay in her apartment.


The Smiths from Mississippi took a vacation to the Carolinas with their family.

Do You Qualify For The FLAG Program?

Before you get started, make sure you meet these three basic requirements:


You have been diagnosed with a life-threatening or advanced-stage illness (for example, Stage III or IV cancers, ALS, COPD, advanced stage heart disease, etc.).


You must own a life insurance policy of at least $50,000 issued in the United States – almost all policy types are eligible. *$100,000 minimum for group policies.


You are a permanent resident of the United States. If you are a Canadian resident, click here.

We'll handle the rest! Our program coordinators will guide you through the easy, no-cost/no-obligation application process and work directly with your life insurers and doctors to get all of the necessary documents. Once we receive all of the paperwork and determine if you qualify for the FLAG Program, we'll provide you with a written, no-obligation proposal. That's it!

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